Anonymous said:  Can you please tell me if the lima bean cafe in glee is a real place? Thanks :)

The coffee shop you see on the show is actually a set using the Paramount studios gift/coffee shop. They transform it into the Lima Bean Cafe when they film glee!

New stills and behind the scene pictures for Struck by Lightning - Tribeca Film; March 22, 2012

March 23rd, 2012


New preview clip of the Glee Special on the Biography Channel. - it airs April 10th at 9pm.

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xoxo_tuna: anything Glee related to help us get through this hiatus?
Hm…how about that the Fox hit is currently looking to cast an imposing theatrical grande dame who would appear this season and next? Could this possibly have to do with Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel’s (Lea Michele) post-McKinley high plans? Time will tell…


English translation of this interview by kaigai Drama NAVI (海外ドラマNAVI) with Chris Colfer
(Thank you to chriskurisu for helping with the more difficult parts xoxo)

Glee studio infiltration (last part) Cast interviews!! (part 2)

Pushing ahead despite poor physical condition, Chris Colfer who plays Kurt answers our interview questions.

―Kurt is the glee club’s fashionista, so what has been the influence on you from playing the stylish Kurt?

Chris Colfer(CC): There is definitely none. None at all! I know nothing about fashion, and I have no interest in it either. The clothes Kurt wears are really rather embarrassing. When I am being fitted for clothes, I looked in the mirror and ask the wardrobe people, “I’m actually wearing this? Really?” and the women answer, “What??? It’s absolutely perfect!?” So then I resign myself to it and say “Ok. You guys know what you’re talking about.” (laughs)
But, these kinds of clothes can seem to give you courage sometimes too. Countless people see me when I wear the horribly outrageous clothes, so they think that those are the clothes I wear in real life*. But the clothes I wear in real life are definitely not the clothes I wear as Kurt.

―What are you most interested in?

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Glee Exclusive: Fox Exec Touts 'Powerful Finale' That Will Set Up "Exciting, Consistent" Season 4 →


Nineteen days. That’s how long it is until Glee returns from its winter hibernation with the first of seven consecutive original episodes, culminating with the Season 3 finale on May 22.

And according to one of the show’s (arguably biased) top execs, the April 10 spring premiere will be worth the nearly two-month wait. “It’s exciting and is driving towards graduation and an exciting end to the season,” teased Dana Walden, co-chairman of 20th Century Fox Television, at this week’s TV Academy Foundation Summit.

Walden added that the final batch of episodes are “emotional” and “funny,” and set the stage for “a very powerful finale when viewers get to see what’s on the horizon for all of these characters that people love so deeply. We’re [building to] a very exciting launch into next season.”

On the topic of Season 4, Walden declined to discuss what Glee‘s post-graduation universe would look like — or which members of the current cast would be populating it. But she assured fans that, hen the dust settles, the show will still feel like Glee.

“I see it as a continuation of Glee,” she said of next season. “I don’t define it in any one way or another. It feels like Glee to me. The ideas that Ryan [Murphy]‘s discussed with me feel consistent with this amazing series. It feels very consistent in a dynamic and entertaining way.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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